measurement Electrical Measurement
Analog IO Boards, Digital IO, Timer Boards
  optmeasure Optical Measurement
Video or Spectrometer based measurement
  cpuboards CPU Boards
Boards which are especially convenient for Linux usage
communication Industrial Communication
RS485 , 4-20 mA , CAN , Profibus , andere Interfaces
  plc PLC
Linux based programmable logic controllers
  dsp DSPs
Signal processor boards which have Linux drivers available
ports Ports
Everything related to Porting of the Linux Kernel
  realtime Real Time
RT-Linux, RTAI, KURT and everything related to hard realtime
  portals Portal Sites
Other information portal sites
dataprocessing Dataprocessing Software
Processing of scientific data of all kind
  processcontrol Process Control Software
Controll software for complete factories
  distributions Distributions
Special Linux distributions for embedded applications
embedded Embedded Software
Special tools for embedded systems
  info General Info
Information for automation and laboratory applications
  engineering Engineering
Driver development , Software development , Turn key solutions
applications Applications
Linux in real life applications
  university University Projects
Applications in science projects
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