List of Abbreviations


Device under Test. A DUT is a product or system undergoing a test. The test is performed by the devices connected to the DUT. In the context of this manual the USB-Mux is a considered part of the test-system and the USB-Mux is intended to be connected to the DUT.


Electromagnetic Interference. EMI describes interference in systems caused by electromagnetic radiation generated by other devices or the system itself. EMI can lead to restrictions in functionality or malfunctions.


A specification that allows a single USB-Port to operate as an USB client device or an USB host device. Using an identification pin in the cable for role negotiation.


Host or USB-host identifies the participant of a USB bus that acts as host controller (e.g. assigning addresses to devices on the bus). Accordingly the host-port is the USB port that faces the host. In context with the USB-Mux the computer controlling the USB-Mux is a host. The DUT can be either host or device.


Device or USB-device identifies the participant of a USB bus that gets connected to a USB host (e.g. gets addresses assigned by the host). In context with the USB-Mux the USB device connected to the device-port is a device. The DUT can either be device or host.