Product Identification

Depending on the location of the label there are different ways to identify the USB-SD-Mux.

The serial number is - regardless of the type of label - constant over all versions.

The serial number and hardware revision are also part of the USB identification and can be used to distinguish multiple USB-SD-Muxes connected to one host computer. See Reliable Names for further reference.

Label on the Package

The label on the package has changed with the batch in May/2021, therefore you can either find a small label on the front of the packaging or a larger label on the bottom of the packaging.

Small Label on the front side

small USB-SD-Mux product label layout, which contains the rocket-logo, the company name, the serial number and the hardware release string

Example for a small USB-SD-Mux product label

You can identify the revision of your device by the revision-string on the label on the packaging. An example of such a label is shown on the right.

The information on the label is formatted as follows:

                           SN: 000001
                           ^^^^^^^^^^ - serial number
           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ------------ hardware revision
^^^^^^^^^^ ---------------------------- product identification

Large Label on the bottom side

Example of a large USB-SD-Mux product label: It contains the product name, a data-matrix code, the serial number, the product revision string, name and address of the company and the logos for declaration of confirmity.

Example for a large USB-SD-Mux product label

The example serial number SN: 00001.00001 indicates it is the first instance in product class 00001 (USB-SD-Mux).

The revision sting usb_sd_mux-S01-R04-V02-C02 decodes to:

  • usb_sd_mux - Product

  • S01 - PCBA design

  • R04 - Device revision

  • V02 - Assembly variant

  • C02 - Post-manufacturing hardware changes

Label on the Device

The label on the device uses a short form of the identification:

rev. 4   Nr. 0987

             ^^^^- Serial number
^^^^^^ ----------- Short form of the revision

The short form of the revision can be matched to the long revision as follows:

Short form          Full revision
----------          -------------
[no revision given] usb-sd-mux-S01-R02-V01-C00
rev. 4              usb-sd-mux-S01-R04-V02-C01, usb-sd-mux-S01-R04-V02-C02

Product Changelog

During development of the USB-SD-Mux multiple releases have been done. This chapter lists the differences between these versions:


Replaced LEDs with new types.


Intial product release. Re-design to cope with EMC.


Pre-Release. This version has been shipped to some partners for evaluation.