Product Identification

You can find the serial number and hardware revision on a sticker below the USB-Mux or on the packing it came in.

The serial number and hardware revision are also part of the USB identification and can be used to distinguish multiple USB-Muxes connected to one host computer. See Reliable Names for further reference.

Label on the Device

You can identify the revision of your device by the revision-string on the label on the packaging:

SN: 00001.12345
          ^^^^^ -------- serial number
    ^^^^^--------------- product identification
                         (always 00001 for USB-Mux)

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ---- hardware revision

Additional Package Content

The USB-Mux packet also includes a specialized DUT cable, that is used to connect a Micro-USB-based DUT to the USB-Mux. The package also contains a variety of adapters that allow to adapt the Micro-USB connector to other USB connectors.