Environmental Policy

As a producer of physical good we take responsibility for the impact we have on our environment. Acting upon this responsibility to maintain a healthy and diverse environment we have adopted an environmental management system that promotes and demands environmentally friendly behavior from us and our production partners.

The indirect environmental impact results from energy as well as material consumption. As a small company producing niche hardware we are not always in the position to dictate production requirements to our production partners. However, when given a choice, we select the more environmentally friendly alternative in order to motivate producers to behave in a more environmentally friendly manner.


One example of our environment-concious product decisions is our choice of packaging.

Above all, our packaging should provide anti static protection for the sensitive circuit boards and ensure safe transport.

  • Our packaging is off-the-shelf, so it can be produced in larger quantities and therefore more environmentally friendly.
  • Our product labels are made from recycled paper.
  • Our filling material is made of corn starch and therefore biodegradable.