LXA Test Automation Controller

Typical Applications
  • Embedded Linux development
  • Application development on Embedded devices
  • Continuous Testing of software on real hardware
  • Embedded devices hardware bring up
  • Remote working enablement

The LXA Test Automation Controller (TAC) controls a single device under test (DUT) during development and testing. It is aimed at DUTs running Embedded Linux, but can be used for a variety of embedded devices. The LXA TAC provides the most common interfaces needed to remotely control a DUT. Furthermore it can be extended using LXA IOBus and USB devices.

The LXA TAC fits the following needs:

  • Interactive Development

    Remote control a DUT during bootloader, operating system or application development.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

    Execute test suites for bootloader, operating system or application on real hardware.

  • Remote working and resource sharing

    With remote control over the DUT there is no need to have the DUT on your desk. Remote working and sharing of scarce prototypes is possible.

Open Source Linux Distribution
  • Up-to-date Mainline Linux distribution (yocto based)
  • Standard development tools included
  • labgrid Support
  • LXA IOBus server for control of LXA IOBus compatible extensions
  • Hardware management daemon with HTTP API
  • SSH access
  • Support for privileged containers (e.g. Debian), using podman for quick and easy development
  • A/B firmware upgrades using RAUC

The LXA-TAC is well integrated into the labgrid embedded test automation framework, enabling automatic end-to-end testing of embedded devices.

Infrastructure-facing Interfaces

  • Gigabit Ethernet with PoE (IEEE 802.3af) with internal Ethernet switch
  • DC input (if PoE is not used)
  • USB-C with USB 2.0 device port: Can be used as USB gadget (either facing infrastructure or DUT)
  • Serial debug console
  • LCD display with two buttons

DUT-facing Interfaces

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • 3x USB 2.0 (power and data switchable per port)
  • Combo-Header (2.54mm for simple usage):
    • UART (3.3V logic level) with RX, TX, RTS and CTS
    • 3.3V supply for external level shifter
    • UART and power supply switchable
    • 2x potential-free contact for switching of jumpers
  • DUT power supply switch (max 48V, 5A) with voltage and current measurement
  • CAN interface (for connection to DUT)
  • LXA IOBus: For connection of LXA IOBus compatible extension devices

Included Accessories

To get startet with the LXA TAC the following accessories are included:

  • UART level shifter: Converts 3,3V from the LXA TAC to 2,5V, 1,8V or 1,2V. (Maximum Speed: 2,5 V: 4 Mbaud/s, 1,8V: 2 Mbaud/s, 1,2 V: 1MBaud/s)
  • RS232 level shifter: Converts the 3,3V signal to RS232 level. (Maximum Speed: 115200 Baud/s; Voltage Level: ±6V)
  • Set of 3 connectors for the power supply of the DUT. (4-position screw terminal connectors, Type: Würth Elektronik 691361100004)
  • Debugging cable: USB cable for the 2,5mm debug connector of the LXA TAC.
  • CAT6 networking cable

Included accessories are also available as spare parts in our store.

Optional Accessories

  • Top-Hat / DIN rail mount
  • Power Supply (12 V, Type C / CEE 7/16)
  • PoE injector

Our Commitment to Quality

This device is manufactured in Germany. Each device is put into operation and tested by hand by Linux Automation.