• simulates toggeling of patch cables
  • remote working infrastructure
  • testautomation

The Ethernet-Mux is a tool to support the development of embedded Linux devices. The Ethernet Mux can be used to simulate the physical pulling and plugging of an RJ45 cable on a "Device under Test" (DUT).

In addition, the Ethernet Mux can be used to multiplex an Ethernet connection between two devices - for example, a network switch with access to your TFTP and NFS development infrastructure and an auxiliary device.

  • RJ45, CAN
  • Python 3
  • Linux (Kernel 4.* or higher)
  • labgrid, LXA IOBus-Infrastructur

The Ethernet Mux is controlled via the LXA-IOBus, a combined CAN bus and power connection.

The Ethernet-Mux is well integrated into the labgrid embedded test automation framework, enabling automatic end-to-end testing of embedded devices using Ethernet.

Our Commitment to Quality

This device is manufactured in Germany. Each device is put into operation and tested by hand by Linux Automation.