LXA Tools

The LXA Tools are a lineup of simple tools, which facilitate the daily development of and with embedded hardware. LXA Tools products are often developed as small exercises or to solve rare issues. Products in the LXA Tools lineup do not go through our usual iterative development process and may look a bit prototype-ish or rough around the edges when they land in our store. If that does not scare you, you should check out the LXA Tools section on your next LXA shop order, there might just be the right tool that you did not know you needed.

USB 2.0 Crossover breakout

  • USB 2.0
  • Disconnection of the USB data lines
  • Swapping of the USB data lines
  • Splitting of Power supply lines

During electronics development it happens from time to time that the data lines (D+ / D-) of USB 2.0 connections are swapped. With this tool you can work around this issue without re-working the board, since it allows you to swap the data lines on demand. Additionally it allows you to disconnect all USB lines, for example to prevent a device under test from being powered from your host computer.