• Micro USB 2.0
  • D-Sub 9
  • STM32F07
  • Native socketcan support
  • Unlocked Bootloader to use your own Firmware
  • RX/TX Status LED

The candleLight is a low price Open Hardware (CERN OHL) USB to CAN adapter. Like a network card, the candleLight allows to allows to equip a computer with a CAN bus and to communicate via the CAN protocol.

The candleLight not only fits in any pocket and enables any developer to set up a CAN remote station even when on the road, it is above all an important building block for a reliable test infrastructure:

The LXA-IOBus universe is based on the CAN bus infrastructure in order to have a stable communication channel to and between the "devices under test".

In case you are interested in a CAN FD Candlelight PCB, don't hesitate to write us an email to


The candleLight will be supplied as a kit. For full functionality, the D-SUB 9 connector must be soldered to the contacts. To protect the PCBA a heat shrink tube is also supplied. (The work should only be carried out by trained and instructed persons).