• Automated swapping of micro SD Cards
  • Remote working infrastructure
  • Test automation

The USB-SD-Mux is designed to make life easier for embedded software engineers, by automating the transfer of an SD card, between a host-pc (deploying a new software image to the SD card) and an embedded board.

  • micro SD cards
  • Python 3
  • Linux (Kernel 4.* or higher)
  • labgrid

The USB-SD-Mux is designed to fit into the micro SD slot of an embedded device and is also connected to a host PC using a micro USB cable. Our Python based control software then allows access to the micro SD card plugged into the Mux either the host or to the embedded device.

While developing the USB-SD-Mux the integration to labgrid was one major use case, so the USB-SD-Mux is intended to automated tests of embedded devices, this makes it a great tool to improve software quality.